Episode 192: Reeling In the Year (Recapping 2018)

Show Notes Episode 192: Reeling In the Year (2018 Recapped)

This week Host Dave Bledsoe just phones it in really.  (He is barely even trying.)   Which is why you are getting a stupid clip show.  It shows you, our valued listener that we we care just enough to do the very least.  So, enjoy this year in review as we look back in loathing, disgust and horror on the year that was 2018 in one low rated podcast.

Happy New Year.  We guess.

Our Sponsor this week is 1975, you may think 2018 was BAD, but it’s got nothing on 1974,  We open with some computer generated voice, which is more pathetic that someone made a video like this or that we used it as a show intro.  (Smart money is on us)  and we close with the Backroom Band Reeling in the Year.

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