Episode 193: “The Race Is On”

Show Notes Episode 193: “The Race Is On”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe feels tears welling up cold and deep on the inside when he discovers he’s caught his testicles in his zipper.  Again. On the show this week we examine the early contenders for the Democratic nomination in 2020. (We know, too soon.)

Along the way, we break down the pros and cons of the top seven polling potentials and award each a highly scientific rating on their chances based on Dave’s Maternal Grandmother’s sophisticated Granny Contingent Possibility Scale.  (Suck it Nate Silver and Nate Cohen!)  We look into their qualifications and their drawbacks in a purely objective and not at all fanboy fashion. (Although, if Beto would LIKE us to join his campaign in a media role, we would not turn it down.)  Finally, we address the implausibility and impossibility of making ANY predictions about 2020 this far out, with the looming specter of Nancy Pelosi being President by the time we get to that election.  (There is a non-zero chance!)

Our Sponsor this week is Predicto-O-Polls, polling the future with as much accuracy and reliability as polls today.  We open the show with Skroob Administration and close with JB 5nDime singing about the state of the race.

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