Episode 194: When the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down

Show Notes Episode 194: “When the Walls Coming Tumblin’ Down”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe learns there IS a lot of difference between a bridge and a wall, when John Cameron Mitchell threatens to sue him for performing Hedwig songs at karaoke. (Talk about Hedwig’s lament!)  On the show this week, we talk how every government shutdown is stupid, but a Trump shutdown is stupid in it’s own way.

Along the way we learn about the history of shutting down the government and who is always responsibly.  (Hint:  They contain the letter G,O, &P).  We detail exactly HOW we got to where we are right now in this shut down.  (A few thousand very dumb people in just the right states voted for a moron.) We get to go inside the mind of the President (it’s smaller than even we thought) and understand WHY he is so adamant he gets his little wall.  (Turns out, he is a racist old gasbag!  Who knew?!)  Finally, if all else fails, Dave has a solution not just for the shutdown but a win/win for both Trump supporters and Rational Thinking Americans!  (It involves a Wall!)

Our Sponsor this week is Wally the Wall Guy, from East Berlin to Johnson City, Wally the Wall Guy!  We open the show Individual-1 claiming credit where it is due, and close with Comfort Zone’s gut renovation project.

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