Episode 195: Pardon This Trash Heap

Show Notes Episode 195: “Pardon This Trash Heap”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe decides to tidy up and organize the studio by finally collecting all the empty Jameson bottles and use the recycling cash for more Jameson. (Seriously, this is a HUGE amount of recycling cash!)  On the show this week we examine the latest craze sweeping the nation:  throwing out all of your useless crap so you can buy MORE useless crap! (God Bless America!)

Along the way we meet Marie Kondo, whose philosophy of organizing has inspired America to flood Goodwill with old tshirts and skid marked underwear.  We learn the secrets Marie uses to track down and destroy the dark spirits which lurk in our closets. (Look out Chuck Norris!)  We learn that Dave’s Mom was practicing KondoMari long before Marie was born because there was NO WAY they were taking ALL of these Star Wars figures to GUAM!  Half of them don’t even have heads! (Don’t ask what happened to the heads, you will be happier not knowing!)  Then we take a surprising detour into Eastern religious philosophy and how they shape not only aesthetics but history AND why Western Religions makes us all such greedy assholes!  (Turns out God DOES want you to have all those pairs of shoes!)  Finally we close with a piece of poetry by Dave favorite poet.  (Surprisingly, it was NOT written on a bathroom stall in the Port Authority.  Though, we guess, it COULD be?)

Our Sponsor this week is Your High School Yearbooks, who want you to know despite not being touched or even seen for at least twenty years, they can STILL spark joy, so please don’t thrown them out! We open the show with how to KonMari your family and close with Superchuck who ask your forgiveness for the mess.  


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