Episode 197: Will the Real Roger Stone Please Stand Up?

Show Notes Episode 197: “Will the Real Roger Stone Please Stand Up?”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe reveals what his friends in high school REALLY thought about him. (The ones that really existed anyway.)  On the show this week we FINALLY get to talk about Roger Stone, who this week FINALLY got his turn in the barrel.

Along the way we discover the dark underworld of GOP politics and how their nefarious tactics got so many criminal incompetents elected!  (It’s not big secret, they just threw a lot of money around.)  We devote the bulk of the show to the life and times of Nixon loving swinger Roger Stone, who would like you to believe he’s been at the center of every political scandal, dirty trick and nefarious double since Julius Caesar got shivved on the Senate floor!  (Or WAS he?  Roger, Jules was DEFINITELY shanked!)  We go on to chart Roger’s stunning rise and amusing fall from grace and his long relationship with the Orange Hate.  We learn how more than anyone else, Roger Stone is why Individual-1’s fat ass squats behind the Resolute Desk. (This alone should land Roger in jail!)  Finally, we examine Roger’s legal trouble and wonder how such a two bit huckster fits into le’Affair Rus. (The word “patsy” springs to mind.)

Our Sponsor this week is Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly, who want you to know there is no deed so dark they won’t represent you.  If the check clears. We open with Roger in his own words and close with Laurier LaChance asking if we’ve seen white people before.  (We have)

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