Episode 199: “Howard’s End”

Episode 199: “Howard’s End”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe just want a simple cup of damn coffee, is that too much to ask? (Apparently so) On the show this week, we wonder if it is too much to ask if Howard Schultz could take his ass back to ruining Seattle instead of all America.  (Turns out, he can’t)

Along the way we look into the history of Mr Crappy Coffee Man and why he thinks he should be President. (He’s delusional)  We examine America’s reactions to another rich white dude with no business being President running to be President.  (Turns out, not enthused.)  Then we dive into the psyche of the wealthy that drives them to be such pricks.  (Because they can.) Finally, we determine what it will take for Howard to take the hint and finally abandon his nonsense ideas.  (We must wait for the Stars to Be Right!)

Our Sponsor this week is Regular Ass Coffee, when you just want a cup of DAMN COFFEE.  We open the show with the OTHER famous Schultz and close with Rachael Sage assigning blame.


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