Episode 200: “Just A Little Prick”

Show Notes Episode 200: “Just A Little Prick”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe celebrates two hundred shows by finally getting himself checked out after that long weekend in Juarez. (Diagnosis: he’s still owes 800 Pesos on bar tab)  On the show this week we ask the doctors to give it to us straight, only to find we can’t take the news about anti-vaxxers.

Along the way we learn the history of vaccines panics (turns out people LIKED dying of Smallpox) and how they crop up in the same places every so often.  We learn what Moses, Jesus and Mohammed had to say about getting vaccines. (Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.) We run down the Who’s Who of the Anti-Vaxxer movement and find ourselves shocked that the non-Baldwin Brother Baldwin is involved! (Oh, Adam, we loved you as Jayne Cobb!)  We also look into the medical “professionals” who support the wildly inaccurate claims of the movement.  (For a price.) Finally, we assign blame to the one person who has done more to make the movement flourish than any other.  (Rhymes with Zark Muckerberg.)

Our Sponsor this week is Smallpox, why NOT give Smallpox another chance? We open the show with Reginald’s diagnosis and close with The Madcap covering an easily curable malady.

Finally, from all of us at What the HELL Were You Thinking, we sank thank you for supporting us for TWO HUNDRED of these dumb shows and ask from the bottom of our heart, what the HELL were you thinking?

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