Episode 201: Horrible Bosses

Show Notes Episode 201:  Horrible Bosses

Picture by Michelle Bunyan/Guzelian

This week Host Dave Bledsoe completes the staff’s annual performance reviews only to find they all quit some time ago.  (Except for you, Gavin.)  On the show this week, we talk about Senator Amy Klobuchar candidacy for Worst Boss of the Year and whether or not it impacts her chances on that other thing she’s running for.  (Hint: Yes.)

Along the way we learn about some of Dave’s worst bosses, his best boss and about his own management style.  (Gavin keeps laugh/barking at the term “management”)  We learn what it means to be “Minnesota Nice” (turns out, not very nice at all) and about alternative eating utensils.  We examine the gender dynamics of working for an asshole boss and solve once and for all which is worse: asshole male boss of asshole female boss.  (The answer may shock you!)  Finally, we discuss not the BEST way to handle your asshole boss, a definitely A way.

Our Sponsor this week is Ebeneezer’s Employment Emporium, the answer to  asshole’s staffing needs for 200 years.  We open the show with Will Ferrel’s management style and close with Ricky Comb’s resignation.

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