Episode 202: Sometimes, Bad Is Bad

Show Notes Episode 202: “Sometimes, Bad Is Bad”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe puts on his parachute pants, digs out his fedora and snaps his glove on to Moonwalk into the 80’s only to discover he is too fat to fit into any of that anymore. (Even the fedora.)  On the show this week we take on the documentary EVERYONE is talking about. (No not that one where they manufacture Play Doh, the OTHER one!)

Rather than tackle the hard questions of guilt or innocence (And because we feel there really IS no question) we bravely run away from the content of Leaving Neverland and talk about how famous Michael Jackson REALLY was!  (He BOUGHT the Beatles, think about that!) and how he was able to to fly around the world with a bevy of ever changing white boys and no one thought it was even a LITTLE strange.  We go on a trip to Disney World to see Captain EO. (Seriously, Elvis didn’t get his own Disney attraction!)  Then we check in on the rise and fall of America’s Love Affair with the King of Pop.  (Yes, we play the Eddie Murphy clip).  Finally, we answer the hard questions on what do we do with Michael’s legacy after this and explain why there will NEVER be another Michael Jackson.  (At least a new generation of young boys can sleep a little sounder now.)  There is also a real chance the studio will be fire bombed by angry Jackson fans when the show goes live.  So, a little neighborhood improvement in Howard Beach Queens.

Our Sponsor this week is Your Gut, when the situation sounds dubious, like a grown man sleeping with your seven year old boy, Trust Your Gut.  We open the show Michael angrily explaining himself and closed with the HardRide Cover Band explaining that sometimes a Bad thing is not necessarily a good thing after all.

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