Episode 203: Bribing Your Way Into Bartender College

Show Notes Episode 203: Bribing Your Way Into Bartender College

This week Host Dave Bledsoe’s alma mater files a restraining order to prevent him from revealing his matriculation at their institution.  On the show this week we talk about parents showing their love for their children by breaking Federal Law. (Our parents don’t love US enough to risk prison, that’s for sure!)

Along the way we learn how to ace your SATs without even trying.  (Hint: Crime!)  We ask some hard questions about college athletics.  (WATER POLO?  Seriously?) We then discuss more traditional means of college admissions through expenditures of money most people don’t have, from buying buildings to test prep.  (Test prep cost about as much as bribing the proctor.)  We also point out that what the admissions scandal parents did probably shouldn’t be illegal since the entire system is constructed to encourage doing exactly what they did, and why the colleges like it that way.  (Each generations of student loans produces the next!  Perfect plan!)

Our Sponsor this weeks is Fast Eddie’s Prep Academy, paving the way to trade schools for underachievers, because they need the help!  We open the show with Rodney Dangerfield throwing money at a University and the Vitamin String Quartet inquiring on the status of their degree?

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