Episode 204: Kellyanne, Don’t Take Your Love to Trump

Show Notes Episode 204: Kellyanne, Don’t Take Your Love to Trump

This week Host Dave Bledsoe doles out relationship advice, unfortunately his only lasting one is with a bottle of Jameson.  (To be fair, they’ve been together for years!) On the show this week, we talk Conway vs Conway in a steel cage match to keep the love of a good woman from being stolen away by a dinky fingered porn groper. (Surprisingly, this is NOT as shot at Dave!)


Along the way we look at the history of Worst Couple as they rose from the children of wealth and privilege to the highest pinnacles of D.C. power. (They took the elevator one floor) From there we look at love and politics in America only to find we might be good for a one night stand with Campus Gun Chick, we are NOT going to take her home to meet Mom!  (Who, actually, would LOVE her!)  Finally, we ask the hard question:  Are George and Kelletor gonna be OK after this week of hell.  (Our sources say they are snuggling all the way to the bank.)


Our Sponsor this week is Fix-A-Spouse, don’t divorce: deprogram!  We open the show with the Woolf’s and a lovely dinner party and close with the Dukes of Maslow asking if Ruby could leave her love at home.


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