Episode 205: Who Will Save Our Souls

Episode 205:  Who Will Save Our Souls

This week Host Dave Bledsoe sifts for clues, canvasses the neighborhood and grills the suspects to solve the mystery of what happened to his dignity and self respect.  (Turns out, he never had any.) On the show this week we try to solve the mystery of what happened with the Mueller Report.  (Turns out, Trump is just a clueless shit for brains!)

Along the way we talk 70’s Detectives and why we never got a Gran Torino like Starsky and Hutch.  (We were NEVER that cool!) Then we dip our toes into the Barr Memo on the Mueller Report about the Russia Investigation in almost a few words and as quickly as the Attorney General used.  (NO COLLUSION!  NO COLLUSION!) We look at Mueller as the Magical Unicorn that was gonna save us all.  (Turns out he was just a man, a man wearing a single horn on his head, but just a man.)  Then we explain where to go from here.  (Maybe for ice cream?)

Our Sponsor this week is Deal With It, for when things don’t work out the way you wanted.  We open with Tony Giardino’s career woes and close with Nathaniel Bacon asking for shoe repair.

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