Episode 206: The Guns of Brexit

Episode 206: The Guns of Brexit

This week Host Dave Bledsoe gives Gavin his birthday present only for Gavin to discover it’s an empty bottle of his favorite Scotch.  On the show this week we head across The Pond and talk Brexit. (Whatever the hell THAT is!)

Along the way we learn the history of Europe in under two minutes and why even THEY finally decided they didn’t want to do war no more.  (And they were SO good at it!)  We discover how the European Union grew from few wild nights in Rome into the Tussles In Brussels!  (Don’t worry we go quick.) Then we explain what a Brexit IS and what it is going to do the the United Kingdom, who wins and who loses when Brexit finally happens.  (Ireland wins, everyone else loses.)  Finally, we look at how Brexit ties into our own Little Problem in America.

Our Sponsor is Restore From Last Good Copy, because sometimes you can’t fix what you fucked up. We open the show with Dennis’ political viewpoints and close with Justin Armstrong who just wants to know what to do.

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