Episode 207: Teach the World Turtle

Show Notes Episode 207: Teach the World Turtle

This week Host Dave Bledsoe helps science image a Black Hole MUCH closer to Earth by providing them with ten years of his credit reports.  On the show this week, we examine the conspiracy theory that makes QAnon seem quite logical: Flat Earthers. (Though, many of them are the same people people.)

Along the way we learn about Dave’s crippling fear of Vampires in his youth and his flirtation with Catholicism. (It didn’t take long to be replaced by a rational fear of Catholics Priests.)  Then we dive right in to the history of Religious Cosmology throughout the ages, from the Ur myths of Humanity to YouTube.  Then we examine the history of the Flat Earth grift and discover who is profiting from the contemporary Stupidity Industrial Complex.  (It is EXACTLY who you think it is.) Finally, we divine the only remotely possible Flat Earth theory, the World Turtle AND the Elephants.  (Everyone leaves out the Elephants!)

Our Sponsor this week is Humoralism, who remind you to get your Phlegm and Black BIle checked regularly.  We open the show by telling you the Moon is not real and close with Will Michael and the Mad Frogger teaching the controversy.

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