Episode 208: Times We Were Wasted on the Way

Show Notes Episode 208 “Times We Got Wasted on the Way” (4th Anniversary Show)

This week host Dave Bledsoe sobers up briefly and reacts in horror at how he’s spent the last four years of his life.  (He had a few drinks to settle his nerves, he’s fine now.) On the show this week we spend our time gazing in our navels about what we’ve learned in four years of doing a low rated podcast.  (Very, very, VERY little.)

Along the way we learn that Dave is an award winning poet. (If you count Second Grade) a playwright and a part time exotic dancer.  We go behind the scenes on what it takes to make a low rated podcast (The cheapest whiskey we can find in a Jameson bottle, he will never know) and what kind of masochism we must possess to keep doing it over and over, year after year.  (We are very bad daddy, we deserve the punishment.) (We also should be punished for writing that last parenthetical.) Finally, Dave get’s all drunk and maudlin and thanks everyone who’s helped him out, made him laugh or just annoyed the shit out of him, giving him something to talk about on the podcast.  (It goes on for a while.)  Finally, we look to the future and frankly we do not like what we see.  (More episodes.)

Our Sponsor this week is Irish Whiskey, we would tell you the name but we are not allowed.  We open with some French Philosophy and close with Gerald Hartley and time management.

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