Episode 209: All We Are Saying Is, Give Impeachment a Chance

Episode 209: All We Are Saying Is, Give Impeachment a Chance

This week Host Dave Bledsoe and the staff are embroiled in an editorial fracas over what to name the show.  (Peaches!  COME ON the bands LITERAL name is Presidents of the United States!)  Also, we talk about the Mueller Report and what should done about it.  (But come on imPEACHment!  It makes so much sense!)

Along the way we dig into the details provided by the Special Counsel about the crimes, demi-crimes and quasi-crimes committed by President Peach.  We dive into the Attorney General’s position that you can’t prosecute obstruction when there was no underlying crime. (Martha Stewart begs to differ!) Then we tackle the legal, political and moral implications of Congress doing their damn jobs only to realize, Congress doesn’t recognize those words.  Finally, we make an impassioned argument for justice. (For an atheist, Dave sure does love to preach. Or PrEACH!)

Our Sponsor this week is Incompetence, when you want to crime but aren’t smart enough, its Incompetence.  We open the show with Don Jr’s Tiny Brain and close with Kuhn Family Singers.

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