Episode 211: Son of a Preacher Man

Show Notes Episode 211: Son of a Preacher Man

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is trying to get someone to help him deal with a certain set of photos that are alleged to exist.  (Rumor has it he is seen drinking Bushmills)  On the show this week we talk about why Men of God are so ungodly, and why that might be.  (Hint: They are men.)

Along the way we examine the rich history of grifting evangelists and how they always seem to be forgiven.  (It’s like their followers aren’t very bright or something.)  We talk about the kind of images that Trump’s Fixer MIGHT have “taken care of” for Jerry Falwell Jr.  (We are just speculating and are in no way suggesting they involved three llamas and Little Person using a comically large marital aid.) Then we think we have the answer to the question the media keeps asking about why evangelical voters are so willing to overlook the divorces, adultery, fornication, porn stars and general ungodliness of Donald J Trump!  (It’s like they’ve put up with from their spiritual leaders for decades or something!)

Our Sponsor this week is Revivals R Us, if the pews are empty fill ‘em up with Revivals R Us.  We open the show with Elaine Benes, who may or may not have been on a date with a young Jerry Jr and close with The Joe Mangels singing about the only boy that could ever reach them.

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