Episode 215: Midnight Three State Beer Run

Show Notes Episode 215: “Midnight Three State Beer Run”

This week, Host Dave Bledsoe takes us on a wild midnight ride into his youth searching for cheap beer and meaningful friendships. (He finds only cheap beer.)  On the show this week, we are talking about the beers you were drinking when you were too young to even be drinking beer and why they were so TERRIBLE! (Turns out cheap beer is SUPPOSED to be terrible, it’s part of it!) Along the way we learn a little about the history of beer in America and how it became so ingrained in our national psyche!  (Americans have EXTREMELY poor taste?)  Once we move past the dark days of Prohibition, we take you the pinnacle of American beer production and consumption!  (History knows this as the “Bland Years”)  Then, we break down all the tricks and gimmicks the Big Brewers used to trick you into believing the domestic swill you are chugging out of a red Solo cup is actually a “craft brew”.  (Fuck you Icehouse, you were never fooling ANYONE!)  Finally, we examine the state of beer drinking in America and why you PhD in Linguistics to order a damn beer in a bar these days.

Our Sponsor is Fast Eddie’s Ice Draft Nano-Brew, it’s DEFINITELY not just a keg of Budweiser.  We open the show with Real Men of Genius and close with Todd Snider taking us on a Beer Run.

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