Episode 216: It Must Be George’s Will

Show Notes Episode 216: “It Must Be George’s Will”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe talks about losing his religion only to discover he’s said too much, or he hasn’t said enough.  On the show this week we talk about the life, career and impact of George Carlin, and why Dave only prays to George. (It’s because every prayer starts with a profanity!)

Along the way we learn all the ways George was manifestly unfit to serve in the military and how strikingly similar his experience was with Dave’s! (We will never figure out how Dave wasn’t booted out too!)  We travel with George from his days as a Hippie Dippy Weatherman (the forecaster not the early 70’s terrorist group, as far as we know) to counter culture icon, free speech warrior in the Supreme Court, to angry man with many many words.  Finally, we talk about George’s most iconic and influential role that shaped American life in a deep and profoundly uplifting way!  (Trust us, strange things are afoot at the Circle K!)

Finally, we discover how George saved lives and kept Dave out of jail.  (Trust us, it is a complicated story that helps us understand a lot about the Host of this low rated podcast!) Honestly, if Dave only did a mind numbing amount of cocaine, he too could be 3% of the comedian and thinker George Carlin was!

Our Sponsor this week is Christ 2.0, a Divine for the Times!  We open the show with George’s explanation of his faith and close the show with a hymn by and for the Great Pesci!

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