Episode 217: Drinking the Bastards Goodbye

Show Notes Episode 217:  “Drinking the Bastards Goodbye”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is sitting on a barstool, acting like a dern fool that is what he is doing today.  (And every day really.)  On the show this week, sheer righteous rage brings us back to the embers of the Great American Shitter Fire and how some DC media types are throwing going away soirees for the Mouth of Sauron.(Why do you think we never see her smile?)

We dive into a Columbia Journalism Review account of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ going away “Not a Party” with the White House Press Corp, who will apparently drink with anyone.  (Knowing some journalists, this is not untrue.)  We dissect the piece in depth and ask some questions of the reporters at the “drinks event”  that we believe On the Media would ask. (If Bob Garfield had a couple of stiff drinks and decided it was time to leave by going out in a blaze of glory.)  We make some cutting observations about the kind of people willing to knock back overpriced cocktails in a swanky DC Steakhouse with the kind of people who put kids in Concentration Camps.  (You know, the sort of people that would do a puff piece on Eva Braun decorating the Eagle’s Nest!)  Finally, we point out that their fucking JOB is to NOT be friends with the devil.

Our Sponsor this week is Drinking Buddy, you don’t HAVE to drink alone.  We start the show with some RESPECTABLE barflies and close with Nine Pound Hammer drinking their baby goodbye.

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