Episode 218: Redneck High Holy Day

Show Notes Episode 218: “Redneck High Holy Day”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe demands we hold his beer and watch this!  (It ends about as well as you expect.)  On the show this week we are talking about the 4th of July, and how people are WAY to upset about Trump’s Military MAGA Rally on the Mall!  (Honestly, you all should know better than to expect him to do the right thing by now!)

Along the way, we learn a little history about Independence Day. (For example it was Bill PULLMAN in the movie, not Bill Paxton!) We also learn that we’ve been celebrating the WRONG day in July for all of our history!  We take a tour through the first July 4th celebrations to find how similar they are to what we do now.  (Including the part where someone desperately starts screaming and looking for their fingers!) Then we get down to the brutal truth about the day, it is NOT a holiday for effete Left Coast Liberals who Hate America, July 4th is for the PEOPLE of America, not YOU!  (Ipso Facto, Trump’s MAGA rally is EXACTLY the celebration we deserve!) Finally, we close with all the things it took to make America “great”.

Our Sponsor is Ted’s House of Tanks, when you need to prop up your regime with the illusion of strength, think Ted’s! We open the show with an angry father in a tank and close with the song Dave Bledsoe hates more than other in the Universe!

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