Episode 219: Whitey’s On the Moon (Part 1 of the Moon Shot Spectacular)

Show Notes Episode 219: “Whitey’s On the Moon”
(Part 1 of the Moon Shot Spectacular)

This week Host Dave Bledsoe invites everyone to play the  Moon Shot game with him, meaning the listener takes a shot whenever he uses profanity.  (It’s a game you play to lose.) On the show this week we take you through the history of the Space Program from Nazi’s to Apollo 11, and ask if it was worth all the money we spent?

Along the way we learn the secrets NASA (Never a straight answer) doesn’t WANT you to know about why we had a space race.  (Surprise, it was the Russians!) and why JFK wanted us to go to the Moon.  (He heard there were hot Moon chicks!)  We talk Wernher Von Braun and why we don’t have Moon Bases after FIFTY FREAKING YEARS!  (Turns out, no hot Moon Chicks!)  Part One of the Moon Shot is all about how we went to the Moon, Part Two is all about us asking “But did we?”  (Spoiler Alert:  We Did) But that is NEXT WEEK!

Our Sponsor this week is The Luna, Luxury Living on the Moon! We open the show with Dana Gould explaining why no one goes back to the Moon and close with Gil Scot Heron tallying the cost of the Space Race. 

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