Episode 22: “My Baby Is American Made”

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What, you might ask, is birthright citizenship?  Well, you probably aren’t asking because my listeners are all intelligent, educated people who took a basic high school civics class before they started eliminating them because an educated citizen is a DANGEROUS citizen.  But, as a refresher there are three ways one is a citizen of the United States, you can naturalize meaning you come here and go through the process of becoming a citizen, which largely consists of taking a high school civics class and passing the final.  The second is to be born of citizen parents abroad which explains how Rafael Cruz is able to run for President after being born in Canada.  The third and most common way is be BORN here, right in the good ole us of a.  This one, the way most of us get citizened is a problem for T-Rump and a lot of other Republicans, because there is a loophole that allows pretty much anyone who exits a uterus to just get their constitutional rights the second they draw a breath.