Episode 220: Walking On, Walking On the Moon (Part 2 of the Moon Shot Spectacular)

Show Notes Episode 220: “Walking On, Walking On the Moon”
Part Two of the Moon Shot Spectacular! 

This week Host Dave Bledsoe uses special effects to prove he is functional and healthy and still can’t convince anyone it’s true. (All the magic in Hollywood can’t help him there!)  On the show this week, it is Part Two of our Moon Shot Spectacular, and we are asking if we even WENT to the damn Moon.  (Hint:  We TOTALLY did!)

Along the way we meet the Moon Truthers who were just asking questions.  (Despite the answers being extremely obvious!) We look at some of the reasons WHY people think and thought we never went to the Moon.  (Mostly because of idiocy.)  We learn how Archimedes got it wrong  and for fourteen bucks they will prove it to you.  (Save your money, they didn’t)  Then we look at some of the cultural conditions that made so many people believe in the Moon Hoax.  (Fucking Dick Nixon)  Finally, we express some real sympathy for those who want to believe so badly that humanity never left Earth.

Our Sponsor this week is Fast Eddie House of Effects, when you don’t care if it looks real!  We open with Capricorn 1 and close with Derik Nelson in space.

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