Episode 221: What ME Worry?

Show Notes Episode 221: “What ME Worry?”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe wants you to know ANY resemblance between him and a certain humor magazine mascot is entirely fictional and you shouldn’t believe your lying damn eyes.  (OMG!  Look at him!  He totally looks like Alfred E Nueman!)  On the show this week, we mourn the passing of an American institution, the venerable and influential Mad Magazine.

Along the way we learn the very first thing the Internet supplanted in it’s march to cultural dominance.  (Uncles, not just for being kinda creepy!)  We also discover how a kids humor magazine is essentially responsible for everything that happens on this podcast.  (Except for the Host’s drinking problem, that is TOTALLY on him!)  We go back to the beginning of Mad to learn how a bunch of busy body do gooders worried that comic books were destroying the moral fiber of America were key to creating the humor magazine responsible for destroying the moral fiber of America.  (It was the like Tipper Gore before she was even born!) Finally, we learn how irony killed Mad Magazine.

Our Sponsor this week is Crud Magazine, our mascot it totally not a rip-off, he’s blonde!  We open the show with Bart and Homer bonding and close with Alfred E Neuman and & The Furshlugginer Five!

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