Episode 222: Uh Oh, It’s Magick!

Show Notes Episode 222: “Uh Oh, It’s Magick!”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe wants you to know that tricks are something whores do for money. Or cocaine. On the show this week, we discuss how Marianne Williamson is using the forces of the occult to control our minds. (But she’s doing it for LOVE!)

Along the way we get to learn all about the spookily youthful looking 67 year old spiritual guru and her rise to prominence. (Thanks Oprah.) We don’t learn anything about her policies or plans because there is magick and then there are miracles and it would take divine intervention for her to win. (I mean, unless it was just her and Bill DeBlasio, then we would vote for her. Out of spite.) Reality, or whatever passes for it these days, we go on a deep dive into the arcane arts of Chaos Magick and how people are using to it influence our elections. (And you thought the Russians talking to your parents on Facebook was bad!) Finally, we reveal the awesome power of the most powerful Chaos Magician in all of human history: Donald J Trump.

Our sponsor this week is Theodora’s House of Thaumaturgy, dark money, plus dark arts, equal victory for your campaign! We open the show Marianne performing a ritual and close with Amphibious’ version of a magical little number from the 80’s.

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