Episode 223: Perfectly Good White Boys

Show Notes Episode 223: Perfectly Good White Boys

This week Host Dave Bledsoe just really misses his Dad.  On the show this week we talk about all the angry young white boys out there and why they keep doing the things they do.  (Hint: it’s because they are really angry)

Along the way we examine the social rot that causes men in America to just be so fucking stupid all the time.  (It isn’t the penis…at least not entirely)  We find out what it took to be a man and why all the things that made us “men” also made really BAD people.  We talk about what it means to be a man today and why it is so HARD for many men. (Because no one teaches them how?)  Then we offer a simple suggestion on how to make things better.  (Cry, cry baby, CRY!)

Our Sponsor this week is Jacob, the most popular boy’s name in 2001, who has some issues with the world we’ve given him.  We open the show with Lane Meyer and close with Mike Massé and Jeff Hall.

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