Episode 23: “Who’s Cheating Who”


32 million users of the website Ashley Madison, long billed a secure, discreet place to get your dick wet with someone other than your wife, or get rode hard by someone other than your husband, or any other iteration of romantic coupling you choose, had their data hacked and distributed by an unknown group of individuals calling themselves the Impact Team, which as hacking name is pretty bad.  I mean Impact Team comes across as the title of a working group trying to drum up sales for a plumbing supply company in Wichita, not a cabal of secretive wunderkind breaking the Matrix. If we learn anything from this entire morass, and we won’t it should be first do not put ANYTHING on the Internet!  Ever.  Turn off your computers,  throw your phone into the river and run screaming into the wilderness.  Privacy is an utter illusion, no matter how much a website tells you your data is safe it. is. not.  NOTHING is “safe” on the Internet.