Episode 27: :Doctor, Doctor, You’re In the News”

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I’ve heard both my parents launch diatribes that had they spilled from my 13 year old mouth, my ears would still be ringing from the slap now, 31 years later.  This is the crazy that Ben Carson has.  He is an intelligent man, a man of faith, and a man old enough to see his own mortality creep up on him and start the retreat into a world more comfortable, more familiar, and infinitely more “safe”.  The problem is, his is also a man with a significant ego–and one does NOT become a top neurosurgeon with the ego to go with it.  So it is not a long jump to believing that if you aren’t god, you are the closest thing on Earth to one, to believing that God wants you to do His work on this world.  You know, you are a subcontractor for God, who instead of putting up drywall you are the president of the United States.