Episode 62: Gorilla Warfare


This week Host Dave Bledsoe scales the Empire State Building holding a nubile blonde and swatting away attacking bi-planes as he discusses the animals on the Internet.  Trust us, they are the less intelligent species.  In the show we dig deep into the killing of a gorilla in Cincinnati and how the Internet reacted.  Along the way we look in on the Armenian Genocide, why we can’t take Gavin anywhere and what it means to be a true hero.  (Hint, it involves a golf ball and a LOT of kegel exercises.)  Additionally we learn the proper poetic form for issuing a death threat, the Sestina, and discover our host’s childhood fascination with doody.  


Promotional consideration for this week’s show is by Abe’s Ape on a Stick, all the flavor of Real Ape™in a cruelty free soy bar!  Abe’s so good, you will never know it isn’t Ape!  We open the show with the wise words of Dr. Zaius–oh oh Dr, Zaius–and close with the musical stylings of  The Dickies!

Remember all Death Threats should be addressed to Producer Gavin!

Change,org petition from half a million idiots.


Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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