Episode 68: “Convention Junction”



This week host Dave Bledsoe learns that Cleveland Ohio has not had a river catch fire in 47 years.  But we expect all of that to change starting next week because their ain’t no party like a Republican Party cuz a Republican Party is full of white people doing a lot of very white things…and hookers.

On the show this week we talk about all the people who AREN’T at the GOP Convention, and the losers who are.  We discuss what you are likely to hear from whom, and how the Benghazi nuts will bring the best show of the week!  Seriously, catch those bastards, they are HILARIOUS!  

We also want to celebrate the Ascension of the being we know as Ted Cruz and wish him and his family a very happy Ritual of HgahNAHXtNEH!  We hope that when he emerges from chrysalis in four years, his form is not one of His fifty four incarnations which cause insanity in humans!  

We touch on the #DumpTrump movement, on Mike Pence None the Richer and his turn as the Veep and close out the show with balloons, MORE BALLOONS!  Promotional consideration is by Alvin’s Army Surplus of Akron, the opening drop is from the movie PCU and closing music is Hank Williams All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight, because it is going to be that kind of convention.

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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