Episode 69: “Escape From America”


This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers that friendship IS actually magic as he dissects the week at the Republican National Convention, we love you Twilight Sparkle!  Along the way we learn about why Rudy Giuliani is so angry (hint:because he’s an asshole) and we give Intern Chrissy Christie our lunch order (WE SAID NO DAMN CHEESE!)  We also wonder how in the hell we say something nice about Ted Cruz, we feel so dirty.  So very dirty.  

We also go into great detail about what the hell is going on in Trump’s America, because we are taking a look around and it does NOT resemble a John Carpenter movie where we live, and we live in “scary” part of Manhattan.  (It’s not).  You can call us Snake or you can call us Plissken, just don’t call us and say our check bounced again because we made sure the money was there!

We open the show this week with monologue from Escape From New York (duh!) and close with Mike and Mechanics “Silent Running” (No, even we don’t know what this song is about).  Promotional consideration provided by Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V Speechwriters, the official speechwriters of Melania Trump!

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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