Episode 85: “What Did You DO Ray?”


SHOW NOTES EPISODE 85:  “What Did You DO Ray?”

Well shit.  Shit. Shit. Shit, Shit.  SHIT!  We were supposed to be on a BEACH RIGHT NOW god damnit!  We don’t want to be here, you sure as hell didn’t want us here, but now we gotta do THIS SHIT.  Thanks a LOT America!  This week Host Dave Bledsoe wipes the tears from his eyes, takes a long pull from the bottle and talks about what the fuck just happened to America.  

Along with the rest of the media, we start apportioning blame for the catastrophic goat fuck that was election 2016 and we ALL know who’s to blame.  (HINT: It’s Dave).  We talk in detail about all the things that happened to bring us to the Presidency that we refuse to name and only refer to by a Third Person Pronoun from now until IT is impeached in 18 months, tops. We talk about docile Democrats, the Bernie Bros (Yeah, we’re sorry dudes, our bad!) the GOP and fucking useless cable television circle jerk.  We stick a knife into the Facebook Bubble and of course the back of both candidates and the parties that gave them to us.  We close with the real villains of the piece. (Hint:  It’s probably you)

Along the way we talk frat house masturabatory practices, the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, and what the fuck Alexander the Great has to do with this election.  (The actual guy not the homoerotic movies of the same name.)  We also wonder if the people marching the streets showed up to vote.  (Highly Unlikely).  It’s a show that starts off sad, but ends angry.  Just like America.

Promotional consideration by Sad-Away, it doesn’t cure depression but you will too stoned to care.  We open the show with Choice of the Traveller’s Form and close with Rage Against the Machine.

Citations Needed: Black people? Never heard of ‘em, Those damn emails, Pew,  Pew Pew, Facebook: We don’t make the news, we make it shittier It Fucking Won?

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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