This week Host Dave Bledsoe sits down with everyone’s favorite frog and talks about how it’s not easy being green–no, not THAT one, the other one, the Nazi Frog.  Man, Kermit must be pissed right now.  Our show talks about He Who Shall Not Be Named choice for Senior White House Strategy Advisor and Propaganda Minister Steve Bannon. This will not be pleasant for anyone, frankly we are still trying to shower the stink off us in the research department.

Along the way we discover that Joe Biden personally whacked Andrew Breitbart (He didn’t) how much Orange America loves minorities (they don’t) and Dave’s knack for making analogies with truly disturbing sex acts in truck stop bathrooms. (don’t ask.). We take a look at the spike in incidents of making America great in school cafeterias and public transportation and wonder when we are going to stop winning so much!  (In about four years)  We also propose a final solution for the Alt Right. We try to reach out the the White Working Class and find common ground only to find we don’t have any.  It should be a fun show.

Promotional consideration by the Campaign to Repeal Godwin’s Law, because sometimes they really ARE Nazis!  We open the show with some inspiring speech by a happy Trump supporter and close with They Might Be Giants.   Because you have too.

Citations Needed: Totally NOT Racists, 437 and Counting, Tracking the New Normal, They seem nice, Tell us, in your own words., The Kids Aren’t Alt Right.

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.

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