Episode 93: “No Hope But Mount Hope”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 93: “No Hope But Mount Hope”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe tries optimism on for size only to discover it way too small to fit over his big fat ass.  Instead of worrying about all the things which might go wrong, we ask the question what if thing turned out alright? We ponder all the ways President Truh-President Truhm–sorry we still can’t say it–might ACTUALLY make America great again.  (Hint: Trump International Airports).

Along the way we look at some other Presidents who brought fear to the nation, like Andy Jackson and that turned out fine.  (Unless you were a Native American) or even George W Bush. (We all know that how THAT ended).  We also examine why Drew Brees is about to be renditioned to Yemen. (You SUCK Brees!) We finally bury the hatchet between Trump and Rosie and let you know that the power to destroy ISIS is insignificant compared to the power of the Force. (We find your lack of faith disturbing, really). We wrap by brazenly ripping off some dramatic political speeches and twisting them around to fit our own perverted narrative!

Our show is sponsored this week by Zed’s Apocalypse Vault. All this time we were telling you the world was about to end?  Well look who’s laughing now! We open the show with a quote from Stephen King’s The Stand, ready by your Host because we are NOT paying forty bucks for the audiobook to rip a single line, and we close with George Michael.  Because you gotta have faith, faith a faith!

Citations Needed: THIS guy is on the Twenty?!, Everything worked out GREAT!, Herbie the Love Bug.

Hypnostate provides the music in our opening credits.
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