Episode 94: “Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 94:  “Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe explores the fundamental nature of truth in a four hour show spanning Western Philosophy from Socrates to Berto and Plebani!  Only this podcast could make endless hours of obscure metaphysics FUNNY!  RELAX, we are talking about Trump and his truth problem.  (Hint:  When he’s telling it, it’s much worse.)

Along the way we explore all the things El Presidente Trumpo has done this week which scared the shit out of us.  (Everything) We learn that Grizzly Adams fought Nazi Elves in a 1989 movie (Best Day EVER!) and ponder the nature of some of the less popular Star Wars Action Figures. (You SUCK R5-D4!) Finally, we address the critical question of our time, WHO THE FUCK IS STILL LETTING TRUMP TWEET?! (Kellyanne we are looking at YOU!)

Promotional consideration for this week’s show is provided by Alterna-Fact, when the truth just won’t do!  We open the show with pontifications on truth from Sin City and close with Spandau Ballet.

Citations Needed: Sean Spice is LOSER!, We are all going to die, and the War came.


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