Episode 95: “Be the Coup You Want to See”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE #95: “Be the Coup You Want to See”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe flirts with declaring open insurrection against the lawfully elected government of the United States, only to have a drink thrown in his face.  (He isn’t much of a “ladies man”.)  On the show this week we examine the article on Medium that told us all about the Neunundneunzig Luftballons, floated by Obergruppenführer Bannon and pop each with our mad shuriken throwing skills.  (Girls only like guys who have great skills.)

Along the way we discuss our new spin off podcasts (Think Serial but without the talent, charm or decent stories) explain the difference between Hitler and Trump (Hitler had a dog) and why JFK airport is the 12th Circle of Hell.  We lament our knitting skills and apologize for the penis hat we wore at the protest last weekend.  (It kept going limp and falling in our faces) We also detail exactly how we will eventually repeal this government and replace with a liberal democracy like we had just a few weeks ago!  (Hint:  Pussy Hats)

Our Sponsor this week is Murray’s Mercenaries, when you absolutely, positively have to overthrow them overnight, think Murray’s!  We open the show with Bill Hicks and the Worst. Pun. Ever. and close with a moving tribute to Mary Tyler Moore which sounds more non sequitur than it really is.

Citations Needed: Overthrow Yourself?, Someone back these bitches up!, The people united will never be divided.

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