Episode 96: “Massah Jeff’s New Job”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 96: “Massah Jeff’s New Job”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe learns he and Steve Bannon really aren’t so different after all, they share a hug and bottle of whiskey!  Maybe that wasn’t Steve Bannon but just some rumpled drunk next to him on the subway.  On the show this week, we talk about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the man to racist for 1986 but just racist enough 2017!  (He certainly worked to become so!)  

Along the way we discuss women who just won’t shut up and how to make them.  (Hint stop saying stupid shit so they won’t NEED to say anything!) We learn why Old White Racists always have one Black friend to testify at their confirmation hearings.  (They are LIKE family, but definitely NOT family.)  We also discover how growing up with Star Wars was exactly like growing up White in the Jim Crow South.  (Darth Vader: Nubian God!)  Finally we find out what one should say to a racist.  (Many of the words have four letters).

Promotional consideration for this week’s show comes from Dale Dry Kleaning, keeping your klaverns robes as white as you keep the South!  We open the show with pre-911 Dennis Miller and close with a rolicking ditty from the Wiggles!

Citations Needed: Only his friends call him Jeff, It’s bad, real bad, I mean really, really bad, And it’s going to get worse.

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