Episode #97: The Russian Connection

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Show Notes Episode #97:  “The Russian Connection”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe explains to Vice President Pence that his phone calls with the Russian ambassador were late night booty calls and not discussions of foreign policy.  Kissy Kislyak he likes to call him. On the show this week we discuss the ouster of Former National Security Advisor Mike “Call Me Maybe” Flynn and the increasingly likelihood that we will all be speaking Russian in a couple of years.  (Privet Komrade Trumpski!)

Along the way we learn about why you should opt for becoming a Runner when it is time for Carousel.  We discuss whether or not you should talk to your children about Deepthroat and why if you hire a Plumber you should check his references.  (G.Gordon’s Yelp Reviews were TERRIBLE)  We cover all the good and the bad of Independent Counsels (Iran Contra Good/Blow Jobs Bad) and why GOP refuses to investigate the Russian allegations.  (Hint: Love to, but we’re busy taking away your healthcare.) We also gently suggest the Resistance take up finding out why are there so many leaks about Russians and what’s Trump trying to hide. (Hint: Massive collusion to interfere in our elections.)

Promotional consideration this week by Vladimir Putin, Sexy Shirtless Friend of America! We open the show this week with a prescient warning that somehow we all missed in October and close with a sad frog.  No, not that frog, the good one.

Citations Needed:  “What We Know”, “What We Wish to Be So

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