SHOW NOTES EPISODE #114: “The Mystery of Fresno”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE #114: “The Mystery of Fresno”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe attempts to roll a Saving Throw against the Real World and fails.  On the show this week we turn our backs on all the bad news about shootings, Trumpcare and racist government officials and dive deep into a mystery of Lovecraftian proportion: Gary Gygax’s FBI File!

Along the way we learn everything there is to know about the Father of Role Playing Games from his rough origins on the mean streets of Chicago to his youth on the even meaner if more manicured streets of Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  (Do NOT mess with the gardeners, they WILL rake you!)  Even you if never rolled a 20 sided die in your life, you will be enspelled by the origins of the game and the dark pacts signed by the creators to our Dark Lord Satan.  Thrill to the adventures of Gary in the Sun Blasted Land of Hollywood and the Evils of the Masters of Entertainment.  Lament the terror of seeing your childhood despoiled into a terrible cartoon with a midget, a goat bleating unicorn and a bunch of ungrateful kids who were IN THE FUCKING GAME and cried about having cool magical powers!  (Come ON, that is all we ever WANTED!)  Lament the at downfall of the King to the evil sorceress Lorraine.  Learn the dark Secrets of Fresno and the Conspiracy of Silence the government doesn’t want you to know!  Finally, discover the secret game and why Dave always plays Erica Kaine. (He secretly wants be Susan Lucci.)

Much of the source material for this week comes from the biography of Gary Gygax Empire of Imagination’ by Michael Witwer.  If you want to TRUE story and not just the shit we made up, we commend you to it’s pages.

Our sponsor this week is Grognards School for Gamers, turning sport kids into chubby gamer nerds for 40 years!  We open the show with Al Gore’s Nerd Corp and close with Jump Steady’s ( Dungeon Master.

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