Episode 109: “Goodbye My Comey Island Baby”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE #109: “Goodbye My Comey Island Baby”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe examines his options visa vie curtailing redundancies in the human resources area, so many people are no longer viable members of the workforce and finds out he can’t fire Gavin because no one else will work for him.  On the show this week we talk Trump’s latest downsizing in the form of a smaller work force at the FBI.  

Along the way we address the dearth of reliable henchmen in the Transylvanian Market and how hard it is to get a reliable lackey in the DoJ.  (Apparently, very!)  We also examine the latest trends in how to be a sackless little wimp for the President.  (Think Paul Ryan) Then address the very real problem of dead hooker disposal and the added dilemma of the former working person being of substantial girth.  (This joke goes on FAR too long.)  We also create the single most disgusting analogy this low rated podcast has ever uttered.  (For this show, that is saying a LOT!)  We close with who is ultimately responsible for saving our democracy. (You probably won’t like the answer)

Our returning sponsor this week is Eddie’s’ Excrement Expeditors, we get shit done! We open the show with the Orange Polyp explaining the termination process and close with a Alex Chilton.  (We don’t know who that is either.)

Citations Needed: Old man gets angry, Very Angry, Shit Got Serious, Fuck You Mitch, We Are Screwed, Seriously Screwed.

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