Episode 110: “Presenting President Pence”

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This week Host Dave Bledsoe discovers that an erection lasting longer than four hours really IS a medical emergency. (He was very excited by the Special Prosecutor)  On the show this week we talk all the things that went wrong for the Donald in his very bad, no good Presidency.  (We are going to be here for a while.)

Along the way we learn everything there is to know worth knowing about future President of the United States Mike Pence.  (Turn ons:  Horseback riding Turn Offs:  Women speaking without permission.) We chart where we think the country might be heading when Commander Pence is finally appointed to lead the Republic of Gilead and provide advice on how to profit from flipping  your house as a Handmaid education center.

We also dig deep into what it takes to actually impeach the President and how many times such a thing has succeeded.  (Very hard and none)  We imagine the party we would have when Trump is gone (It’s easy if you try) and how horrible the hangover would be feel when we wake up to Right Reverend Pence as a President.  (Boner Killer right there)

Our sponsor for the week is Roger Ailes’ Corpse, the best thing he did for America was die   We open the show with the whining sniveling of a pathetic child and close with Social Distortion.

Citations Needed:  So it begins, Big if True, Subpoena Pen, Watergate gate, Et Tu Mitch?, I Don’t Like Mike, We Totally Will, Totally Radical Dude!, Nothing to See here, Don’t Fear the Pencer.

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