Episode 126: “Aww Look What You Made Me Do!”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 126: “Aww, Look What You Made Me Do!”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe orders up some Pumpkin Spice Lattes and has his Ugg boots dry cleaned because it Fall BITCHES!  On the show the week we talk Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation! (Wait, WHAT??!?)  We dish all the hot takes on Tay Tay’s latest and ponder what is new for the Squad! (So confused right now…).  Get ready Stans because we are GOING THERE! If by going there you mean examining whether or not Taylor Swift’s feminism is nothing more than a branding move and does it really matter if Tay is Republican? (Oh thank God!)

Along the way we dig into the history of Miss Swift and the many iterations along her career path.  There are poetic waxings on the joys of Lesbian Folk Music (#TeamAmy AND #TeamEmily 4Ever) In this week’s Wayback we fearlessly explore the history of Basic Becky’s all the way back to the beginning.  (Eve:  Totally A Becky).  Then we dig around in the vaults of Rock History and come to realize you can’t REALLY judge a generation by it’s music.  (Except for the Greatest Generation, as always they were the best!)

Our Sponsor this week is Bob’s Build a Band, forget the music and focus on the Brand.  We open the show with High Fidelity’s Customer Service and close with a German take on 80’s pop. (Flash Forward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDW6Z4__gSU)

Citations Needed: Worst of the Worst, Beefs, White Girl Power, 5 Becky’s,  Miss Sharp if you’re nasty, Is Becky racist?

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