Episode 142: “Would I Lie To You Year In Review”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 142: “Would I Lie To You Year In Review”

It’s New Year’s Eve and Host Dave Bledsoe has already started drinking, though it’s after 11 AM on  a Sunday so it’s unusual.  On this special Year In Review Show, we count down the 12 Big Lies of 2017 (It was a HARD selection process.)

Along the way, we riff on Casey Kasem, and provide some parenting tips from the 70’s  (Do NOT use these today!)  We talk Large Adult Sons and why Barack Obama ain’t got time for your shit.  (He’s retired, leave the man alone.)  FINALLY we unveil some long overdue updates to the show!  (Sadly, same old Host).  We think you will like them.  (As much as you like ANYTHING on this show.)

Our Sponsor this week is Duplicity, when you need to lie but can’t be caught lying, try Duplicity.  We open the show with Jean Luc MacBeth and close with The Full Moon Band asking if they would lie you?  (The seem honest to us.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urn_UTmffO8

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