Episode 176: Roughing the Snapper

Episode 175: “Roughing the Snapper”

This week all of Host Dave Bledsoe’s rowdy friends are coming over only to find he’s not home and is in fact in a bar getting shit faced by himself.  Again. On the show this week we go all sports talk radio and give a surprising answer to the question “Is football good now?” (Answer: “Ish”)

Along the way we hear the very brief and very awkward tale of Dave’s football career.  (Think Verne Troyer -RIP- but with far less dignity.)  We go on learn the secret of acceptance in small town High Schools.  (Cheap prices on bad weed.) We then discuss why we obsess over men and their balls and why that obsession is so unhealthy.  (When we keep playing with our balls we go blind.)  Going forward we examine what happened when America’s favorite sport went from what brought us together to another battle in our endless cultural wars.  (Hint:  White People.)  After struggling for years with sport aversion Dave finally breaks down and likes football out of spite, picking his time according a time honored ritual.  (#GoBrowns)  Fan cred established, we present some helpful hints for improving the game of football.  

Our Sponsor this week is The Cleveland Browns, when you care enough to root for the very worst, root for the Browns.  We open our show with a factory of sadness and close with Sound Collage rendering an American Football Classic.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgYkFPuVcH0

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