Episode 180: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel FINE!)



This week Host Dave Bledsoe feels better than he has in years when he realizes he no longer has to quit smoking or drinking because we are all going to die!  On the show this week we regretfully inform you that we are all going to die. (In a couple of decades, plan ahead!)

That’s right we tackle the big UN Climate Change Report informing us we have twelve years to get our shit straight and explain the chances of that happening.  (Is there a number smaller than zero?)  Along the way we examine the history of climate change science all the way back to Stone Age when the first caveman waved his hand to indicate he was offended by the smoke from the mastodon cook fire! (A real dick move!)  We jump forward to 1896 when someone first asked if MAYBE burning all this coal was the best idea.  (Hint:  It was not.)  Then we dive into the warning signs of our current crisis.  (We probably shouldn’t have trusted the oil companies when they said CO2 was GOOD for the climate.)  Finally we examine how The End will play out in excruciating detail, right down to your grandchildren eating you just to stay alive!  (You will be delicious with Siracha!) Lastly, we answer the question “Is there ANYTHING we can do?!” (Absolutely, it is just that we won’t do it!)

Our Sponsor this week is Arnold’s Apocalypse Palace, everything you need to delay the inevitable.  We open the show with our Spirit Guide George Carlin and close with YouTuber Kyra Moore with the song we will all have a repeat the next few decades!

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