Episode 181: “To HELL With the Devil” Spooktacular Part 1

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Show Notes Episode 181: To Hell With the Devil (Spooktacular Part 1)


This week Host Dave Bledsoe puts on his Iron Maiden t-shirt, straps his spikes on his wrists and prepares to headbang like like a MoFo, only to hurt his back when he tried. (He is SO OLD!)   On the show this week it is part one our annual Halloween Spooktacular! 

Join us as we open the vaults of time and draw forth ancient tomes of forbidden knowledge, dredge secrets long forgotten and bring them to light! 

In this first half we explore the demon haunted wastelands of small town America circa 1980 when bands of dark cloaked figures flitted around graveyards and preschool playgrounds seeking to snatch helpless children for their Black Masses and perverse rituals!  (Note: This was not happening.)  When Satan stretched forth his ravening claws and sank them deep into the virgin flesh of a generation through Heavy Metal “music” and games containing Hobbits and Ents!  (Again, this never happened!)  Yes, we go back to the origins of the Satanic Panic, from its humble beginnings when a crock therapist concocted a tale of Satanic Ritual Abuse with his client to sell books, to a paranoid schizophrenic alcoholic mother who thought diaper rash meant someone was sexually abusing her child ruining the lives of innocent people! Then we explore the REAL cause of the Panic! (Hint: Oprah,Phil Donahue,Geraldo Rivera)  Join us we give our blood and souls to the dark lord media for Spooktacular 2018 Part One:  TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL!

Our Sponsor this week is The Arcane Emporium, affordable, discrete and complete for all your Black Sabbath needs!  We open our show with Geraldo telling you how spot if you kid has become a Satanist and close with James Lee doing the worst song ever TOTALLY badass!


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