Episode 182: “After the Bombs Subside”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is PISSED because he worked on a damn script all week and had to rewrite an entire show on Friday!  Again! On the show this week, we chuck the show we had in the trash (Honestly the best thing for it) and talk about the MAGA Bomber.  We didn’t WANT to, but now we HAVE to!

Along the way we dig into latest conspiracy theory spun out of the fevered imaginations of the MAGAnoscenti to attempt to delude the easily deluded into believing George Soros bombed himself.  (Our brain hurts)  We explain everything we KNOW about the bombings this week instead of what we we THINK we know.  (Once that is done, THEN we begin to opine.)  We look at the history of domestic terrorism in the United States only discover you can’t believe everything you hear on Fox and Friends.  (Really, ANYTHING you hear on Fox and Friends.)  Then we take a quick look at who it to blame for the radizalization of the MAGA Bomber and get to meet the Anti-Dave, just as a drunk and arrogant, only THIS Dave, is a Republican!

Our Sponsor this week is Bob’s Bomb Disposal, we get the BOOM out of your room.  We open with Murtaugh and Riggs and close with SPRBand who tells us what happens now.

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Meet the MAGA Bomber


Not THIS Shit Again