Episode 185: If You Try Sometimes, You Get What You Need

This week Host Dave Bledsoe mixes up a Blue Wave at the bar, which is a drink containing some kind of blue mouthwash and vodka from a plastic jug.  (It taste worse than it sounds)  On the show this week, we analyze last week’s election only to discover things are better than you think they are.  (Unlike Dave’s Blue Wave)

Along the way we talk briefly about Jeff Sessions being fired.  (YAY!) and what happens to the Mueller investigation.  (Boo!) and what we can do about it now that we won the House.  (Yay!)  Then we talk about Liberal disappointment and why Liberal can never be happy with the things they have.  (They are a lot like Billy Idol, the more, more more!)  We check out the big wins we did win and the big wins we didn’t win but were still a victory.  (Our logic is solid, we promise.)  Finally, we talk about what comes next.  (We enjoy a nice glass of eggnog!)

Our Sponsor this week is Uri’s Unicorns, delivering the fantasy when reality just won’t.  We open the show with some Brony Porn and close with Lone Bellow in an entirely predictable but apropos closing song.  

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