Episode 198: I Saw A White Face, and They’re All Painted Black

Show Notes Episode 198: “I See A White Face, and They’re All Painted Black”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe digs into his own history of cultural appropriation stubbornly continues to do his “Uncle Murray” impression.  (Mel Brooks should sue his ass!)  On the show this week, we take a look at the long and embarrassing history of White People being just the Whitest of people.  (Honestly, White People!)

We open with a long talk about what the hell people are thinking in Virginia, and we mean that honestly does anyone know what is going on down there things seem a bit tense? We then dive headlong into the murky waters of why some black people thought it would be a good idea to paint their face black for their “art”.  (Because they are White.)  Then we take a fast tour through ALL the things stolen from Black folks by White folks and why they stole them.  (Because, again, White People.)  We ask some tough questions about WHY White people have such a blind spot to their ongoing cultural looting and why they get so upset about being called out over it.  (You guessed it: because they are White people.)  Finally, we look at how we can we can shake white people from their privilege and complacency so this sad tradition dies with this generation.  (Pinkface at White People Parties, the parties where fun isn’t allowed.)

Our Sponsor this week is Flightless Bird Shoe Polish who want to remind you their product is MEANT TO BE USED ON SHOES NOT YOUR FACE!  We open the show with hands down the most offensive movie we’ve seen since Birth of a Nation and we close with Spinning Jenny explaining their portal color palette.

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